The CONNECT asset management advantage

What if we told you we could turn your one condo into seven condos without putting down more money? Do you want to retire wealthy? Using our proven strategies we help investors plan, invest and retire wealthy through investing in real estate.

At CONNECT asset management, we help everyday investors build their wealth through investing in cash-flowing condos. We constantly analyze the market for the best opportunities and work directly with top developers to negotiate the best deals for our clients. Our ‘hands off’ solutions manage your properties for you so investing in real estate can be as easy as investing in a mutual fund to keep you focused on the bigger picture.

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Latest Developments

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Entertainment District, Toronto

Mirvish+Gehry Toronto by Great Gulf Homes

Sales Status: Registration

Mirvish+Gehry is a new 92 & 82 storey, 1950 unit, preconstruction condo development located at King Street West and Simcoe Street in Toronto.

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Scarborough, Toronto

Kennedy Towers 3 by SAMM

Sales Status: Registration

Kennedys Towers are developed by SAMM Developments. This project is located at 2035 Kennedy Road, Scarborough in Toronto. Kennedys Condominiums has a total of 663 units.

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Liberty Village, Toronto

Zen Condos by CentreCourt

Sales Status: Registration

Located just steps away from King and Strachan, this 32-storey development is currently in Pre-construction at 19 Western Battery Rd. Zen has a tentative Occupancy date of April 2020.

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Midtown, Toronto

E2 Condos by Bazis Inc. & Metropia

Sales Status: Registration

E2 is an exciting new and exhilarating condo development currently in preconstruction at 2236 Yonge Street in Toronto at the intersection of Yonge & Eglinton.

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Wesley Tower by The Daniels Corporation

Sales Status: Registration

Coming this August, Daniels will welcome Daniels City Centre – Wesley Tower to their iconic 23-acre multi-award winning master-planned community.

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Leslieville, Toronto

The Logan Residence by The Daniels Corporation

Sales Status: Registration

Currently in preconstruction at 897 Queen Street East, this new, six-storey, 69 unit, boutique residence carefully blends with the historic, village-like streetscape cherished by the residents of and visitors to Leslieville.

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Why Choose Pre-sale Investments

Four reasons to buy
pre-construction condos

If an investor bought a house in Toronto in 1985 for $109,094 (average price at that time) with 20% down, their return today would be 2787% or an 11.86% compounded annual rate of return! This is the reason why most of the wealthiest people we know made their fortunes in real estate.

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The CONNECT Investment Blueprint was developed to help our clients make smart investments and not worry about retirement and to ultimately retire rich!

  1. Deposit: 10-20% down in multiple payments in an insured, interest-bearing trust account
  2. Leverage: You are leveraging the developer’s money on the full value of the property
  3. Rents: By the time your condo is ready in 3 to 5 years, rents have gone up considerably and your tenant will pay off your entire mortgage
  4. Instant Equity: Over the 3 to 5 years you will have serious equity built into your property when you close allowing you to quickly refinance and buy more property with little to no money down.



$2678 Last 14 Days
year over year


$751,962 Last 30 Days
year over year


0.7% in Q4 2017
1.1% in Q4 2016

Get the best deals in pre-construction
real estate, straight to your inbox

Insight and analysis into the world of pre-construction real estate.

Subscribe now and you’ll be the first to know about project updates, exclusive pricing, VIP events and offers, and insights into Toronto’s latest investment opportunities with pre-construction condominiums. Don’t limit your investment portfolio to mutual funds – register to find out why pre-construction condos in Toronto offer some of the best returns on your investment dollars.

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Project Announcements

Get the most current information about the latest Toronto pre-construction condominium opportunities first – ahead of other buyers to make the most informed decisions.

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Exclusive Incentives

We present you a simplified presentation of the project incentives, including exclusive offerings that only Connect Asset Management can bring forward to our clients can put together the best deals possible.

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Investor Reports

Receive in-depth investigation and analysis into the strong Toronto market, our top-pick investment prospects and insights into the evolving condo market.

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Plans & Pricing

Be the first to see pricing, plans and exclusive information you won’t find anywhere else. Pre-construction pricing is always the most attractive in the beginning. Don’t miss out!

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Financial Projections

We’ll provide you with cash flow analysis, financial forecasts and ROI projections for Toronto’s hottest condominiums. We make it easy for the first time investor, or the seasoned professional.

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Private Sales Events

Receive exclusive private sales event invitations before anyone else and secure the best units at the lowest prices for the most in-demand condos in the city.

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Return on Investment Reports

Our exclusive real estate research for the savvy investor

We do our homework. A lot of careful thought and consideration goes into the work we do to analyze and disseminate the facts and figures that allow us to identify the best pre-construction condo projects. We publish our exclusive reports with the belief that our knowledge should be your knowledge. Together we can make great investment decisions.

Taking deep analytical dives to truly understand future potential is a critical aspect for savvy real estate investors. Looking beyond a construction project to other driving factors such as population growth, transportation, infrastructure, demographics and urban development can really help determine what a long-term real estate investment will look like in 20 years.

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Why Invest With Us

We manage investment life-cycles and use the Multiplier Effect™ to maximize returns

CONNECT asset management is a company built on an investment philosophy that everyone can retire wealthy with the right real estate investment strategy. Our experience and success has led us to develop the Multiplier Effect™ investment strategy to accumulate massive wealth through real estate investment.

Real estate is one of the safest and most predictable long-term investments. By investing in the right properties and taking advantage of traditional refinancing techniques, investors can leverage the cost of a single condo purchase into multiple condos. We help real estate investors get a Multiplier Effect™ on their investments – transforming a single condo purchase into 7 or more condos over time.

Home - Ryan-Coyle

Ryan Coyle, Broker

Managing Director And Partner

Ryan Coyle, Managing Director and Partner at CONNECT asset management is one of Toronto’s leading experts in condominium investing. Ryan has a distinguished track record that goes back over 20 years and a personal portfolio with over 30 condominiums.

A Partner of the “Insider Condo Club”, Broker with “The Condo Store Realty Inc.” and over $1 Billion in real estate transaction made since 2004. Ryan enjoys skiing and Toronto’s professional sports franchises.

Home - Matt-Elkind

Matt Elkind, Sale Representative

Managing Director And Partner

Matt Elkind, Partner at CONNECT asset management was named Canadian Real Estate Wealth Investor of the Year 2015. Matt left a successful career as an investment advisor to join ‘The Condo Store Realty Inc.’ and became the Managing Director of the ‘Insider Condo Club’ where he invested in all types of real estate from commercial, development, pre-construction condos to multi-unit residential.

Now boasting a rich portfolio with over 20 properties and with over $1 Billion in real estate transaction made, Matt continues to help new investors realize their goals and plan for a successful future through real estate.

Get the best deals in pre-construction
real estate, straight to your inbox

Our Developer Network

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As Seen in the Media

Home - new-as-seen-in-the-media

"CONNECT, and in particular Ryan, introduced us to the condo market in 2006 and we have since done a number of transactions with them. We have gotten to know and work with him, Matt and their exceptional team (Spring in particular). CONNECT, our exclusive Broker, took the time to understand our investment objectives, enabling us to waste less time "shopping the market".


“I just want to thank you for your solid advice, direction and your personal attention. I am amazed at what you have helped me accomplish in less than a year!”


“The hardest working team in real estate!! CONNECT asset management is the first to know about investments both inside and outside of the city!”


“I found CONNECT asset management through a regular information e-mail and was able to buy an excellent new build property with them. Matt, Ryan and Spring are all very pleasant, helpful and quick to reply. I highly recommend them!”


"I rely on CONNECT's un-matched knowledge of the market and their exceptional honesty, reliability, and customer focus. For example, their response time to questions is usually within the hour. I appreciate the hand-holding that is done by the team at CONNECT to ensure that you are on top of meeting payment schedules on new developments."


Read the Latest Blog Posts

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Bank of Canada hikes interest rates; says trade hit likely to be bigger than earlier forecast

July 11, 2018.

The central bank increased its key rate to 1.5 per cent from 1.25 per cent on Wednesday – the fourth rate hike since last June. The rate, which sets the trend for rates on mortgages and other loans, has not been this high since December 2008.

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Home - brad-lamb

How to Make More Money than the Developer Investing in Pre-Construction Condos

July 11, 2018.

There is no sense waiting until the end to tell you… BUY THEIR CONDOS. The closer we work with developers and the more opportunities we have to see pro formas for certain developments, the more obvious it becomes that you make more money investing in condos than developing them.

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The Truth About Toronto Real Estate & Why You Shouldn’t Listen to the “Experts”

July 10, 2018.

Every week a few of our clients inevitably send us different articles from the media asking, “what to do you think of this?” Our answer is always the same.

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The Chase: This couple sold their Little Italy home for a small fortune and are living mortgage-free

July 10, 2018.

They weren’t interested in buying a more extravagant place, but they started to consider doing the opposite: selling their existing house, which they were still paying off, then buying a less expensive one and living mortgage-free.

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Trade Wars Pushing Americans To Move To Canada?

July 10, 2018.

Two years ago, following Donald Trump’s electoral victory and subsequent realization of the US presidency, we noticed a spike in Americans googling the phrase, “move to Canada” and posted an article about it on LinkedIn.

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Home - new-mortgage-rates

What the New Mortgage Rules Have Meant for Investors

June 26, 2018.

Its been 6 months since the new mortgage rules have been in place and now that we’ve had some first-hand experiences, we thought we’d share some with you.

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