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Little Portugal

Little Portugal is a cultural and dynamic neighbourhood located west of downtown Toronto, spread along Dundas Street West from Shaw Street to Rusholme Road. Mainly residential, find old traditions, vibrant boutiques and restaurants, and mid-century homes. There are some Portugese businesses located along Dundas Street West and College Street.  

Little Portugal is a West End neighbourhood where many Portuguese immigrants originally settled between 1950 - 1970. Although this is still the majority of the population, there are many other cultures present and emerging. Enhancing this diverse culture are some great European bakeries and sophisticated art galleries, as well as an array of wine options and relative affordability. For an evening out, Dundas Street is a great choice! The area is ideal for families, young couples and seniors with smaller homes and low-rise apartments.  



Little Portugal has a couple of schooling options, including three public schools and Catholic education at St. Helen's Catholic School.


The transit within Little Portugal is very convenient. For streetcar lines, Dundas and College Street are very central. There are also north-south bus lines on Landsowne, Dufferin, and Ossington.  
Parks Recreation

Parks & Recreation

A popular area for youth living here is the McCormick Park and Recreation Centre, which has a pool, gym, arena and educational programs. There is also a very active community group, Brockton Triangle Neighbours that exits all online, as well as Friends of McCormick Park who work with the Ward 18 counselor to lobby for park improvements, care for trees and fundraise.
 Little Portugal

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