Toronto Waterfront Condos: An Investor’s Guide To The Revitalization Project - toronto-sunset-city-view

Toronto Waterfront Condos: An Investor’s Guide To The Revitalization Project



It is truly amazing the transformation that is occurring with the Toronto waterfront revitalization. We love talking about it, not only is it the largest urban redevelopment project in North America but since 2001, it has created almost 16,000 jobs and contributed $3 billion to the Canadian economy. Toronto waterfront condos are one of our favorite investments at the moment, and here’s why.

Created in 2001, Waterfront Toronto is a partnership between the City of Toronto, and the Ontario and Federal governments. Waterfront Toronto has a 25‐year mandate to transform Toronto’s waterfront into sustainable mixed‐use communities with dynamic public spaces.

Toronto Waterfront Condos: An Investor’s Guide To The Revitalization Project - toronto-waterfront-condos-revitalization-3

And it doesn’t stop there. This 2,000-acre project has an assessed value of $9.6 billion, with real estate developments creating over 40,000 residential units, which will house 115,000 people. To compare, this area is roughly the same size as the downtown core.

The Toronto waterfront revitalization also includes “1.4 million square feet of retail space, 4 million square feet of office space and some 150,000 square feet of institutional and industrial space.”

As you can tell, this is a huge mixed-use master planned community with office, retail, and residential spaces. For condo investors, strong migration to the area and increasing job availability will support a robust rental market over the next decade and beyond. As a real estate investor myself, I couldn’t ask for stronger growth prospects.

All levels of government are pumping billions of dollars into Toronto Waterfront, which is working to increase the value of your investment. At CONNECT Asset Management we love these types of large projects. Over the coming decade, we will see Toronto’s Waterfront be transformed through the introduction of retail, commercial, office, public transport, and our favorite, residential developments.

Waterfront Toronto has set aside 25% of land in the neighbourhood for parks and public spaces, limiting residential supply and creating more open spaces to be enjoyed by residents.

According to Toronto Waterfront’s CEO, this entire project is an “economic long game.” This is music to any investor’s ears.

As this development grows, so does your investment. This means that it’s important to get in on the front end of this massive opportunity. How can you do this? Check out our favorite Toronto Waterfront condo development in the area, the Lighthouse Tower at Daniels Waterfront.

Daniels waterfront is within a few minutes walk to St. Lawrence Market, George Brown College, Union Station, and the Financial District. Located in East Bayfront, this 55-acre area is rapidly evolving with heavy investment in parks, pedestrian promenades, office space, higher education, condos, retail, and restaurants. Daniels Waterfront includes amenities such as a full-sized tennis court, art and music studios, a state-of-the-art fitness facility and much more.

“The East Bayfront is one of the first new neighbourhoods to be developed on Toronto’s waterfront. Its proximity to downtown Toronto and location directly on Lake Ontario make it one of the world’s most significant new waterfront communities.” – UrbanMetrics, Economic Impact Analysis (2001 – 2013)

The most valuable condo real estate in every major city has two characteristics: proximity to a body of water, and proximity to the downtown core. Daniels Waterfront provides both.

Not only that, investors can be included in this amazing opportunity for as little as $49,380 (prices starting at $246,900, assuming a 20% down payment – 15% in the first 365 days, and 5% on occupancy in 2019).

There is so much more to say about Daniels Waterfront, Toronto waterfront condos, and the Toronto Waterfront Revitalization more generally, please contact us so we can talk more.

Matt Elkind, CoFounder CONNECT asset management

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