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Get your kids WAY more candy this Halloween! - activity-bucket-costumes-1406352

Get your kids WAY more candy this Halloween!


Expert Analysis, Neighbourhoods

We team up with the founders of real estate analytics platform, to come up with the Top 5 Neighbourhoods to Trick or Treat in Toronto!

A few weeks ago, Erin Morrow co-founder of the industry leading real estate analytics platform, invited us to sit down with himself and CEO Monika Jaroszonek. They are an award winning prop-tech start-up based in the DMZ lab and their technology just blew us away. The goal of the meeting was to see how the platform could be harnessed outside of the developers, architects, and planners that currently use it.

A week before Halloween, the answer was obvious. Why not use the most powerful real estate visualization technology to figure out the best neighbourhoods to trick or treat? We had some other great applications that will take longer to develop but just in time for Halloween, we have the CONNECT Top 5 neighbourhoods to trick or treat in:

  1. Riverside/Leslieville
  2. Monarch Park
  3. Cabbagetown
  4. Trinity Bellwoods
  5. Bloordale Village

What makes the ideal trick or treat neighbourhood?

For our model, the key determinant is lot size. As any kid who’s tried trick or treating in Rosedale, Forest Hill, the Bridal Path or any other really affluent neighbourhood can tell you, bigger isn’t better. Sure, there may be a king size chocolate bar waiting for you once you get to Galen Weston’s (the owner of Loblaws) front door but it’s probably another 3 to 4 minutes of walking until you make it to the next house.

Each of the neighbourhoods contains areas with more than 70 houses per hectare (a hectare is approximately 2.5 acres). The best scoring section has 83 houses per hectare.

Don’t worry, we have way more practical stuff planned beyond making sure your kids can maximize the amount of sugar they can get. In the meantime, whether you want to go to Riverdale or just optimize the route in our own neighbourhood, the interactive trick or treat visual map of the city can help make this the most bountiful Halloween your kids have ever had!

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