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Coming to a laneway near you? Community council approves changes to housing policy

In the News  |  June 7, 2018

The city took a significant step toward changing its housing policy Wednesday, after a local community council voted to allow housing suites in the city's backyard laneways.

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Toronto’s first ‘smokeless’ condo starts sales ahead federal pot bill

In the News  |  June 5, 2018

Canadians across the country are closely watching the countdown to the legalization of cannabis this summer, with many businesses clamouring to join the multi-billion dollar pot industry. A Toronto housing developer, however, is bucking the trend by selling the GTA's first "smokeless" condominium.

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Earth Day ‘drop, swap and shop’ draws hundreds who hope to make the old new again

In the News  |  April 24, 2018

'As long as someone thinks there's a use for something, it will come through here,' spokesperson says. The Earth Day event drew some 800 people to Evergreen Brick Works to check out the 12,000 or so "gently used, clean and functional" items shoppers could choose from.

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A Window Into the World of Condo Investors

In the News  |  April 9, 2018

If you want to understand the GTA housing market, you have to get into the heads of condo investors. While the focus is often on foreign investors, the key to the future of the region’s real estate market may be held by domestic investors.

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Is Queens Quay Tunnel Toronto’s Bermuda Triangle?

In the News  |  March 26, 2018

Step aside Bermuda Triangle, Toronto would like to introduce the world to the Queens Quay streetcar tunnel. It’s a void that magnetically attracts automobiles, sucking them into the subterranean depths of the city.

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Toronto Getting $9B as Ontario Inks Deal To Match Federal Infrastructure Cash

In the News  |  March 19, 2018

Queen’s Park announced it will spend some $10 billion to match the federal government’s plan, with Toronto getting the lion’s share. Bob Chiarelli, Ontario’s Infrastructure Minister, says it’s the largest infrastructure commitment in the province’s history

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Toronto Real Estate Investment Company Launches Unprecedented Financial Challenge

In the News  |  October 3, 2017

The article is originally from Canadian Real Estate Wealth See Original Link at the bottom...

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