Tretti Condos lies at the centre of multiple massive redevelopment projects expected to bring hundreds of thousands of new residents to the area. As a savvy investor, you know to follow where the money is flowing!

The surrounding neighbourhoods will see hundreds of thousands of new residents, an extraordinary collection of new condominiums and homes, and millions of additional square feet of retail and office space added in the coming years.

Tretti Condos: Unprecedented Growth in the Heart of Toronto - Tretti-RegionalGrowth
Map of 8 major revitalization zones that surround Tretti Condos
  1. Downsview Lands
    5 mid-rise communities underway with 42,000 new jobs and residents
  2. Airport Lands
    375 acres of potential high-density development; redevelopment of Airport Lands will unlock height restrictions in the area
  3. Downsview Lands Aerospace Hub
    Developed by aerospace companies & leading post-secondary education institutions in the GTA, including Ryerson University and the newly-completed $70m Centennial College Campus building
  4. Lawrence & Allen Growth Area
    13,500 new residents moving into the area
  5. Yorkdale Redevelopment Area
    Includes approximately 12 towers up to 28 storeys with up to 980,000 SF retail, 240 hotel units, and over 2.1 million SF new office space
  6. Dufferin Street Revitalization
    High-rise and mid-rise development, new promenades, bike lanes, open spaces, and landscaping
  7. Wilson Avenue Revitalization
    New landscaped pedestrian walkway route to Downsview Park
  8. Humber River Hospital
    New 656-bed high-tech hospital opened in Fall 2015



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