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Why we believe in Sage X Condos

Location Location Location

Steps to Queens University Sage X is walking distance to everything you need including grocery stores, restaurants, coffee shops, public parks and more. This is a perfect and convenient location for students and graduates and young professionals. Kingston Is Also Home to The Royal Military College Of Canada And St. Lawrence College.

Transportation + Walk Score

Sage X has a walk score of 94/100! It’s a mere 10 minute walk from Queen’s University, located in the centre of Downtown Kingston, close to shopping and dining, nearby parks include Victoria Park, Pine Street Park and Friendship Park.

Developer: IN8 Developments

The principals of IN8 Developments have over 20 years of direct experience in the construction and urban development industries. With a multitude of projects completed in the area over the past several years, IN8 has a recognisable and popular footprint throughout the Waterloo Region. Committed to progressive thinking, IN8 Developments leads the way in intelligent housing solutions.

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Sage X

Located at 257 Hemlock Street, Sage X is steps from WLU, UW and the Future ION line. Sage X is something different.
Comprised of exclusively one bedroom suites, Sage X is designed to capitalize on the Waterloo housing market, by offering in demand premium accommodations.